WordPress 3.0 Menu Addition

With the release of Word Press 3.0 you know have the option for custom menus added to the software. This will allow you to create custom menus of pages, categories or any other links you want and put them in your sidebar widget area.  Here’s a brief tutorial on how you access and use this new feature.

1.  Go to “Appearance” and then to “Menus.”
2.  Fill out the name of a menu where it says “Menu Name” (like “Quick Links” for example)
3.  Select “Create Menu.”
4.  Now, from the left hand side select the pages and categories that you want on this menu and click on “add to menu.”  Likewise configure external links the same way.

You can add these menus to widgets on any theme like this:
5. Go to “Appearance” and then “Widgets” and drag the available widget called “Custom Menus” over to the sidebar where you want it.  Drop it in and the box will open and ask you which menu you want.
6.  Select the menu you want and click on “Save”

On our newer sites you can add the menu directly to your navigation by by selecting it in the upper right hand corner under “Main Navigation.”

Here’s a good video tutorial which will give you some directions on cutom menus…

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