Web Site Upgrades and Services

Although all of the sites that we build are made to be managed by our clients and you can do all of this stuff below by yourself, we understand that sometimes you would just rather have us do it for you.  No problem….  here are some additional services that we offer.  Please call us at (903) 771-2030 to talk about or order any of the services below.

Software Updates

We will update all of your software and your plugins and back your site up for you.  This additional service normally takes us less than 1 day to perform.

Price:  $100

New Features Updates

If you are running an older site then there are many new features that can be added to your site that will make using your site easier, such as navigation menus, unique page sidebars, widgets and social media and featured image pictures.

Price:  $120

Hardening the Security of Your Website

This service includes:
1.  Complete back-up of your site and content
2.  Delete admin use and create new secure user and password
3.  Installation and Configuration of Protection Plugins
4.  Deletion of all current spam
5.  Update of all software and plugins
6.  .htaccess protection installed and configured

Price: $180

Search Engine Optimization

This service includes:
1.  Analysis of Keywords for your field.
2.  Installation and Set-up of Yoast SEO Plugin
3.  Submission of site content to Google.
4.  Analysis and plan of articles and page content that needs to be generated.

Price:  $240

Content Design Upgrades

This service includes a page by page analysis of your site and what we can do to “spice up” the site with additional graphics, formatting and photos.

Normally within an hour or two we can go through the entire site and spice it up.  We will look at your site first and give you an exact quote for this service before starting work.

Price:  $120 hr

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