Understanding Tags

In many of the themes that we have built we utilize the Word Press tagging feature.  Here’s a brief explanation of what that is and how to use it in our themes.

All of your “posts” give you the option of  adding “tags.”  This option is located in the right hand side of the editing screen directly underneath the “Publish” section.  To use tags you simply fill in the word you want to use in the “add new tag” box and click the “add” button.  You can add as many tags as you like and just separate them with a comma.  You can also choose form a list of your most used tags.

So, why use tags?  The best reason to use tags is to further separate your posts into easy to find subjects.  You are already using categories, but as your site grows you may have so many posts that it’s hard for your reader to find them all.  If for example they read a post that you wrote about “shopping for a new car” and you have tagged it with “Honda, Mercedes, Chevy” someone who likes your post and wants to find out what else you have written about “Hondas” can simply click that tag and all of the posts on your site tagged “Honda” will pop up.

A second reason to use tags is because they are indexed by Google and other search engines and will somewhat help your Search Engine Optimization.

Do you need tags?  No, you do not.  If you have a small business website with only a “latest news” category and 3 or 4 updates  a month then tags will not benefit you in any way.  However, if you are an online magazine or blog you may find tags useful.

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