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Free Support

We try and be super duper nice and give free support to all of our clients.  After all, we want you to succeed and be happy with your site and with us!  However, there are always difficult people out there who seek to take advantage of anything and everyone.  With that in mind, here is our definition of “free support.”

  1.  Support is defined as us answering questions for you via phone or email.  In other words, “Hey, I forgot how to change my slider image.”   No problem.   Free.
  2. Support is not defined as us going into your site and doing things for you.   If that happens then we charge you our hourly rate.   In other words, “Hey, I don’t want to change my slider image, can you do it for me?”  No problem.  Not Free.
  3. “Lifetime” is defined by the length of our relationship.   In other words, if you’re a jerk or ungrateful then we will not be in relationship with you any more.  No support.

“So, basically you offer free support to your clients as long as they work hard and are nice, but you can end it at any point?”

Yes.  Don’t worry…  this is written for the .001% of people who are just complete tools.  You’ll be fine.