Making Word Press More Secure

UPDATED:  There is a new hacking effort taking place using bots to access Word Press sites.  Read more about it here.  Follow the below instructions and you'll be fine... There are several ways to make your Word Press site more secure and this is always a good idea.  Proper security can be a pain in [...]

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Using the Word Press Featured Image

If you have one of our sites that is built after March 2011 then we have more than likely incorporated Post Thumbnails into your theme.  This feature will allow you to choose pictures from your media library and designate them as "featured images" to be used throughout the site.  These featured images will automatically be [...]

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Putting in Content

For the most part this is pretty self explanatory however if you need a good run through on knowing what the different icons are and what they do then Simple WP Guide has an old yet excellent tutorial on this here:

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How to Write Pages

Pages are primarily static information on your site.  They will not change a lot and will contain information that is relevant to your site but always needs to be there.  They are generally also written with a lot more care and significantly longer in scope and depth than your posts which are more like "updates." [...]

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How to Write Posts

Posts are different than pages and are what makes up the part of your site which changes often.  These posts are put on pages in time and date stamped order and so when a new one is created it simply appears above the old ones pushing those farther down the page. To write posts simply [...]

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Word Press Basics

New to Word Press?  We give all of our clients an in depth walk through of their specific theme in person or over the phone and then a ton of tutorials as well on this site.  However, if you need a primer on the basics of how Word Press works here is a great resource [...]

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Adding New Plugins to Your Site

As your site evolves you may want to add new plugins to it thereby increases the functionality.  This is a simple and painless process.  First, be sure and check out the ratings of the plugins you are considering adding.  If you add a plugin that is not well supported you take your chances on whether [...]

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Creating Unique Page Sidebars

If you would like to create unique sidebars for some or all of your pages luckily there is an easy way to do it.  Here's how you make that happen: 1.  Go to "Plugins" then go to "Add New." 2.  Search the available plugins for "Per Page Sidebars." 3.  Install and activate the plugin. 4.  [...]

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Weird Spacing When I Hit Enter…

Here's a question I get a lot from folks who are new at entering info into their content management systems.  "When I am editing the page and I hit the 'enter ' key I get large spaces and can't get things lined up correctly." Luckily this is an easy fix.  On the web the "enter [...]

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How to Edit Your Post Order

In Word Press posts are time and date stamped and are ordered most commonly by latest date first and then older posts following.  To reorder these posts for any reason you need to simply change the published date.  Here's how we do that... 1. Log into your WordPress account and go to your dashboard. 2. [...]

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WordPress 3.0 Menu Addition

With the release of Word Press 3.0 you know have the option for custom menus added to the software. This will allow you to create custom menus of pages, categories or any other links you want and put them in your sidebar widget area.  Here's a brief tutorial on how you access and use this [...]

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StudioPress Album Theme

Brian Gardner from Studio Press Fame called us and asked us to create a series of grunge templates for a photography Word Press theme.  We readily agreed and "Album" was born.  This theme has multiple background colors and images and can be changed with the click of a button.  It works extremely well as a [...]

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Revolution Theme

The infamous Brian Gardner, creator of the Revolution (now " Studio Press") themes for Word Press, asked us to create a design for the theme that was a little bit "grungy and dirty."  We think we obliged him pretty well and it's had some good reviews. We love Word Press and Revolution so this was [...]

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