Using the Word Press Featured Image

If you have one of our sites that is built after March 2011 then we have more than likely incorporated Post Thumbnails into your theme.  This feature will allow you to choose pictures from your media library and designate them as “featured images” to be used throughout the site.  These featured images will automatically be […]

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Reisizing Images With PhotoPlus

Having a website designed is only the first part of the process.  Managing it and adding content, pictures and video can be a daunting, but necessary task in taking your website to the next level.  Oftentimes, adding pictures can be the hardest part of this task.  I recommend a simple, yet effective software program called […]

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How to Add an Image to a Text Widget

You can easily add an image to a text widget in your sidebar.  Here’s how you do it: -Create your image: It is best to create this to the dimensions that you want the picture.  A sidebar is typically 300px wide so you do not want it to be bigger than that. -Go to any […]

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Adding Thumbnails to the Homepage

***UPDATE:  If you have a theme built after March 2011 then we are using Post Thumbnails to create the thumbnails on your homepage.  Please view that tutorial here. Your homepage is set up to pull different “pieces” of posts onto it and display a thumbnail image next to it. The image will display only on […]

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