How to Use Next Gen Gallery

I install the plugin Next Gen Gallery on most of my sites. It's a great photo gallery plugin and simple to use. Here's the basics... This photo gallery uses a two step process. 1. Upload your photos to the gallery. 2. Insert the Gallery into whichever post of page you want it to how up [...]

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Gravity Forms

We always install cForms Contact Form Plugin to our sites because it's free and works reasonably well.  However, if you really need something more robust we have recently found out about Gravity Forms, which is a commercial plugin for Word Press.  This plugin is completely rockin and if you use contact forms a lot it [...]

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CForms won’t work!

"I have the plugin set up correctly and it still won't work!  Help!" This happens a lot and here is the most likely fix.  Log into your dashboard and go to cForms and go to the "Form Settings" area.  There is a little box at the top that is checked and says "Ajax Enabled."  Uncheck [...]

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Putting in Content

For the most part this is pretty self explanatory however if you need a good run through on knowing what the different icons are and what they do then Simple WP Guide has an old yet excellent tutorial on this here:

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How to Write Pages

Pages are primarily static information on your site.  They will not change a lot and will contain information that is relevant to your site but always needs to be there.  They are generally also written with a lot more care and significantly longer in scope and depth than your posts which are more like "updates." [...]

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How to Write Posts

Posts are different than pages and are what makes up the part of your site which changes often.  These posts are put on pages in time and date stamped order and so when a new one is created it simply appears above the old ones pushing those farther down the page. To write posts simply [...]

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Adding New Plugins to Your Site

As your site evolves you may want to add new plugins to it thereby increases the functionality.  This is a simple and painless process.  First, be sure and check out the ratings of the plugins you are considering adding.  If you add a plugin that is not well supported you take your chances on whether [...]

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Creating Unique Page Sidebars

If you would like to create unique sidebars for some or all of your pages luckily there is an easy way to do it.  Here's how you make that happen: 1.  Go to "Plugins" then go to "Add New." 2.  Search the available plugins for "Per Page Sidebars." 3.  Install and activate the plugin. 4.  [...]

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How to Add a Facebook Fan Page

Now that we've created a great website for you it may be time to move on and get on the Facebook bandwagon!  I get a lot of requests on how to get your business or organization on facebook and so here's a quick step by step tutorial on how to do it. First of all [...]

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Weird Spacing When I Hit Enter…

Here's a question I get a lot from folks who are new at entering info into their content management systems.  "When I am editing the page and I hit the 'enter ' key I get large spaces and can't get things lined up correctly." Luckily this is an easy fix.  On the web the "enter [...]

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How to Edit Your Post Order

In Word Press posts are time and date stamped and are ordered most commonly by latest date first and then older posts following.  To reorder these posts for any reason you need to simply change the published date.  Here's how we do that... 1. Log into your WordPress account and go to your dashboard. 2. [...]

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WordPress 3.0 Menu Addition

With the release of Word Press 3.0 you know have the option for custom menus added to the software. This will allow you to create custom menus of pages, categories or any other links you want and put them in your sidebar widget area.  Here's a brief tutorial on how you access and use this [...]

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Email Lists and Marketing

We get a lot of questions about marketing through email, and integrating sign up forms on your website.  Here's the basic scoop. Email marketing has nothing to do with your website and is completely separate from the website we have designed for you.  That being said, you can easily integrate in a sign-up form so [...]

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How to Add an Image to a Text Widget

You can easily add an image to a text widget in your sidebar.  Here's how you do it: -Create your image: It is best to create this to the dimensions that you want the picture.  A sidebar is typically 300px wide so you do not want it to be bigger than that. -Go to any [...]

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