Making Word Press More Secure

UPDATED:  There is a new hacking effort taking place using bots to access Word Press sites.  Read more about it here.  Follow the below instructions and you’ll be fine… There are several ways to make your Word Press site more secure and this is always a good idea.  Proper security can be a pain in […]

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Gravity Forms

We always install cForms Contact Form Plugin to our sites because it’s free and works reasonably well.  However, if you really need something more robust we have recently found out about Gravity Forms, which is a commercial plugin for Word Press.  This plugin is completely rockin and if you use contact forms a lot it […]

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CForms won’t work!

“I have the plugin set up correctly and it still won’t work!  Help!” This happens a lot and here is the most likely fix.  Log into your dashboard and go to cForms and go to the “Form Settings” area.  There is a little box at the top that is checked and says “Ajax Enabled.”  Uncheck […]

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Adding New Plugins to Your Site

As your site evolves you may want to add new plugins to it thereby increases the functionality.  This is a simple and painless process.  First, be sure and check out the ratings of the plugins you are considering adding.  If you add a plugin that is not well supported you take your chances on whether […]

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Creating Unique Page Sidebars

If you would like to create unique sidebars for some or all of your pages luckily there is an easy way to do it.  Here’s how you make that happen: 1.  Go to “Plugins” then go to “Add New.” 2.  Search the available plugins for “Per Page Sidebars.” 3.  Install and activate the plugin. 4.  […]

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Integrating Google Calendar

We use the WordPress Google calendar plugin a lot which allows you to  integrate your Google calendar into your new website.  Here are directions for setting that up. The first thing you want to do is go to Google and create an account.  This is free and simple and will let you access the calendar […]

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Setting Up Your Search Engine Settings

I regularly use the plugin “All in One SEO” for my themes. You can manage this by going to “Settings” and then “All in One SEO.” Click the top box that says “enable” and then fill out the top three boxes that are currently empty. Home Title: This is the title of your site. Home […]

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Excluding Pages from the Navbar

There are lots of reasons why you might want to exclude pages from the navbar. You can do so if you want to clean your navigation up and put subpages on the sidebar instead, or maybe you just want a “hidden” page on your website to send staff members or family to or whatever. I […]

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How to Use the Featured Content Scroller Plugin

I use the Featured Content Scroller Plugin in a lot of my themes. This is the large scroller at the top of your homepage that moves several photos in and out and optionally has text that comes up over the picture. The Featured Content Gallery Plugin settings are available if you look under Settings>Featured Content […]

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