Using the Word Press Featured Image

If you have one of our sites that is built after March 2011 then we have more than likely incorporated Post Thumbnails into your theme.  This feature will allow you to choose pictures from your media library and designate them as “featured images” to be used throughout the site.  These featured images will automatically be cropped and re-sized to fit into certain areas within your site.   *This is different than using custom fields to provide your homepage thumbnails.  If your theme is using the new featured image designation you will no longer need to use custom fields.

Here’s how you use this new feature.

1.  Go to a post or create a new one.  Click on the little “add an image” icon (to the right of the words “upload/insert.”)  When you upload an image now you will see at the very bottom the words “Use as featured image.”  Click those.

2.  That’s it.  Easy!

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