Our prices are determined on a case by case basis and depend on all sorts of variables.  We would be happy to give you an exact cost once you contact us.  Incidentally, once we give you this quote we will stick with it and not charge you one dime more.  If you’re one of those guys who’s saying “Dagnabbit, why won’t they just give me a ballpark figure?” this is for you:

You’re probably looking at about $4000 for a standard website or blog design.  If you get complicated it’s going to go up.  If you’re a pain in the tushy it’s going to go up.  If your organization is really cool and you do good things for people it’s going to go down.  Fair enough?

Contact us for a proper quote…

We do give extensive discounts for people and organizations that we “like” such as not-for-profits, schools, ministries and other worthwhile ventures.  Just give us a shout and we’ll talk…

We love to barter!

We’re firm believers in the age old concept of bartering and will be happy to take items in place of some or all of the fee for your website.

Things we’re interested in include firearms of all types, any outdoor or hunting gear, motorcycles, jet skis, timeshare vacations, gift cards or certificates and airline miles.

Also, if you’re local to the DFW area we’ll consider trading services.

  • Airline Miles
  • Hunting Knives and Equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Camping Equipment
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