Integrating Google Calendar

We use the WordPress Google calendar plugin a lot which allows you to  integrate your Google calendar into your new website.  Here are directions for setting that up.

The first thing you want to do is go to Google and create an account.  This is free and simple and will let you access the calendar program.

Secondly,you must request a Google GDATA API key.  You can do that here.

Next, go to your website admin section and then to “Settings” and then to “WPNG Calendar.”   Plug your new API Key into the top box that says “Google API Data Key.”

Step Four leads you to your newly created calendar.  Log in and on the left hand side click on “settings.”  Click on your calendar name and then scroll down to the Calendar section where you see an icon that says, “XML.”  When you select that your feed will pop up.  Copy the feed and return to your website settings area and then paste that feed into the section that says, “Google Calendar Feed.”  The last portion of this feed should say, “basic” and you should change this to “full.”

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