How to Use the Featured Content Scroller Plugin

I use the Featured Content Scroller Plugin in a lot of my themes. This is the large scroller at the top of your homepage that moves several photos in and out and optionally has text that comes up over the picture.

The Featured Content Gallery Plugin settings are available if you look under Settings>Featured Content Gallery. You can decide whether to pull pictures from posts or pages there, change your transitions, etc. Once you decide where to pull them from, go to that post or page to add the images.

Adding and Image:
-Create your image: The picture size is designated in your FCG settings under “Appearance.”.
-Go to a post or page you want an image associated with. At the top of the content area you will see “upload/insert” and a little gray box next to it. Click on this box and upload your picture.
-Scroll down to where it says: “link url” click once on “file url” and copy that url.
-Close the image uploader and return to your post/page
-Scroll down to custom fields and look for the blank box that says “value” and past your link url in there.
-To the left of that enter the custom field name. The name for the FCG is “articleimg.”
-Click add custom field.
-Save changes to your post/page.

Adding Custom text to the Featured Content Gallery Plugin
You have the opportunity to call custom text to the scroller that does not pull from the actual text of your post or page.  We will do this using custom fields.
-Go to Settings>Featured Content Gallery
-Scroll to the bottom of the setting s and check the box that says:
Check here if you want to use custom text under the post/page title.
Key: featuredtext – Insert custom text in the value. HTML is allowed.
-Go to your post or page.
-Scroll down to custom fields and in the empty “value” box write your custom text.  In the “name” area use the words “featuredtext.”
-Save changes.

Make sure that you go to Settings>Featured Content Gallery and set the amount of text you want to show.  Where it says “Text Overlay Height in Pixels:” set this amount to about “80.”

Here’s a video also that may be useful…

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