How to Use the Dynamic Content Gallery

I have started using this plugin in my sites as opposed to the Featured Content Gallery.  If you have a newer site from me, chances are this is your gallery plugin.

The DCG is normally found on the home page of my designs and is the part of the site that scrolls photos in and out.  It’s a very powerful plugin and well supported and once you get used to using it you’ll fall in love with the ease and functionality.   Here is a brief tutorial on how to configure it:

Step One:
The DCG plugin needs two things to make it work.  The first is associating an image with a certain post or page.  To do this simply go to the post or page you desire and upload an image.  Get the “file url” of the image, copy it and return to your post or page.

Scroll down and you will see on the right hand side “Dynamic Content Gallery Metabox.”  Paste the file url into the part that says “image url.”  Save your post or page.

Step Two:
The next thing you need to do is call that post or page to the DCG Plugin.  There are multiple ways to do this.  You can choose by category, by page or both both.  I recommend the id method.  Simply go to the DCG settings page (Settings>DCG) and enter the desired ID numbers under “Gallery Management.”

Setting the Size of Your Picture

Go to “Settings” and then Dynamic Content Gallery.  Look for the tab that says “CSS.”  You should see the height and width of the gallery directly at the top in pixels.  Make your image this size and it will fit best.  You may also set the size of the sliding black bar that scrolls over the picture and has text on it.

Advanced Options

You may go to the “Javascript Options” tab and turn on/off the sliding text pane and the Carousel as well as configure transitions and times for the slides.

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