How to Use Next Gen Gallery

I install the plugin Next Gen Gallery on most of my sites. It’s a great photo gallery plugin and simple to use. Here’s the basics…

This photo gallery uses a two step process.
1. Upload your photos to the gallery.
2. Insert the Gallery into whichever post of page you want it to how up in.

Uploading Photos:
Take some pictures on your camera and then move them to a folder on your desktop.
Zip (Compress) the folder.
In your dashboard go to “Gallery” and then select “Add Gallery/Images.”
Select the tab that says “Upload a Zip File.”
Upload the photos.

Inserting galleries:
1. Go to the page or post where you want the gallery to display.
2. Click in the content area where you want the gallery to show.
3. Select the icon that says “Add NextGen Gallery.”
4. Select the gallery you want to use and click “insert.”

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