How to Add a Facebook Fan Page

Now that we’ve created a great website for you it may be time to move on and get on the Facebook bandwagon!  I get a lot of requests on how to get your business or organization on facebook and so here’s a quick step by step tutorial on how to do it.

First of all you need to realize the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook Page.  Facebook profiles are for people, not businesses or organizations and if you are caught using it for anything but personal use you can have it deleted and lose all the work you put into it.  (With Facebooks millions of users it’s unlikely you’ll be the one caught but it does happen and it would suck if it happened to you so follow the rules.)  Pages on the other hand are linked to your personal profile but are specifically for use with businesses or organizations.  Here’s how to create one.

1.  Log into your Facebook account.

2.  Go here.

3.  Choose whether you want to create a community page or a official page.

4.  From there simply follow through the prompts and create your page.

Facebook Page Names

You should get a name for your Facebook page such as as this will make it easier for your customers to find it and it will help you in search engine rankings.  To do this you need to have at least 25 followers.  The simply log  into Facebook and go here.

How to Promote Your Page

1.  You can and should promote your page through your personal account by writing a status update like, “Please check out my new fan page.”  When you write this use the @ symbol and start typing the name of your fan page.  The name will pop up and then can be inserted into your status update and will automatically link people to your new page.

2.  Post often on your new page as anything you post will be automatically put onto the feeds of your followers.

3.  Do something to get your fans to post.  The more activity you have the more fans you will draw.  Ask a questions, take a poll, invite them to leave links, pictures, stories, etc.

4.  Use the “Suggest to Friends” link on the left sidebar and encourage your fans to do this as well.

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