Hostgator TOS Issues

Many of our customers are getting notices from HostGator saying they have violated the TOS and are using too much space on the shared hosting. Some folks have not been contacted yet by HostGator but you notice there is something wrong with your site and it’s loading incompletely and really slowly. HostGator seems to be at a loss on this but it’s a pretty simple fix.

When you launched your site you probably used an IP address + your username to access the site. This worked fine until the day Host Gator changed all of their servers and your IP address changed. Now the server is looking for the old IP address and cannot find it…

Here’s the fix:
1. Get them to turn the site back on temporarily for you.
2. Log in
3. Install the plugin called “Search and Replace.”
4. Go to the plugin and search for your OLD ip address and replace it with your domain name.
5. This will mess up 2 plugins (that I know of…) The dynamic content gallery and cforms2. Delete both of these plugins and reinstall them. Configure them again and you are done.

Hope that helps. As always, if you have any problems reach out and we will be happy to assist.

“This is all just too much for me to do. Will you do it for me?”

Of course. It’s something we charge you for though as it’s not an error on our part, it’s really a hosting company issue. The charge is $75.

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