Dashboard Options Are Gone!

When you update to the latest version of WordPress you may have some issues in your posts and pages.  The new dashboard has some cool new features but they can look a little bit confusing…

Here’s the biggest problem that we’re running into…

“I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Word Press and now when I log in I can’t see any of the boxes that I could see before like the custom fields box, the excerpt box or the discussion box.”

The new dashboard has options at the top of the page that enable you to display or not display certain things.  By default many items are not displayed.  The nice thing about this is that it allows you to clean up the look of your dashboard and make more room for the things you care about.  The bad thing is that if you don’t know it’s there then it’s hard to know how to fix it.  The way to fix it is to look in the upper right hand corner for a little tab that says “screen options.”  When you click on this it drops down and opens a panel where you can choose what boxes you want to see.  Just check the ones’ you want and you are all set!

After Clicking you will see this:

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