We have a very clearly designed focus and mission that is time tested and evaluated.  Read about what makes us different and unique below and please feel free to contact us with any questions


Whether you need a website for a business, a ministry, a hobby or just a personal blog, your site should reflect your characteristics.  People should open it up and immediately their senses should be overwhelmed with your message.  Before reading a word of your text they should already have an impression of who you are and what you have to offer.  This is design.

Many web design firms are simply “web” firms.  But anyone can build a website….  Think about it this way:  You wouldn’t have just anyone do your advertisement for a magazine, a billboard or a TV commercial.  Why would you do that with a website which will garner far more traffic than all of those together?

Your look is incredibly important and we will work with you until you absolutely love it!


A website must be functional.  It needs to be geared towards your potential viewers and it must be simple, clean and easy for them to navigate to the places they want to go.  Your information needs to be laid out in an attractive, easy to find, easy to read manner that is logical and intuitive.   We excel at this because we are not just web designers and coders.  We have owned small businesses, been in touring rock bands, served in ministry and we have served hundreds of customers in all areas of business, ministry, and other online endeavors.   We know how to look at your site from the customers perspective and your perspective, not just from a coding viewpoint.


We believe very firmly in finding what you do well and then concentrating all of your energies on that and having someone else do everything else.  We build websites.  That is what we do.  We do not do print advertising, logos, run a tattoo parlor on the side, work as electricians during the week….we build websites.  Pure and simple, it is what we do and we are experts at it.  We are up to date on industry standards and the growing field of internet design, familiar with statistics and trends and we know without the shadow of a doubt that we are neck and neck with the best web design firms in the world.


We believe in educating our clients so that they can manage their own websites.  We have to spend a lot of extra time with our clients to tutor them in this, but it is completely worth it to us and to them.  We patiently meet with clients, talk on the phone and correspond via email with everything from the basics of understanding the internet to full tutorials on how to use your website.  We also believe in educating our clients not just on the use of the sites we build but on other important information such as domain name management, hosting options, integration of social media and more.  You will be smarter and more able to use your site effectively when you work with us.


We are not a fly by night shop.  We’re here for the long haul and we will not disappear on you.  We talk to clients every day who started a project with another designer who then just “ghosted” and is nowhere to be found, doesn’t return calls or emails, etc.  We have an actual office, we have multiple phone lines, we answer our phone, we return messages and we are growing everyday.  We have been doing this for four years and we have built hundreds of sites in the last several years alone.  When you choose to work with us you will forming a lasting relationship with a firmly grounded, stable company.

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