Stage One: Branding and Concept

We’ll start this stage by collecting information from you including logo files, current branding information that we need to match your new site to, as well as ideas you may have, existing sites that you like and more. We’ll spend the time with you so that we can get to know who you are, what your goals are for a website or blog and who your customers and readers are. We’ll then go to the design table and come up with a great design for you.

Stage Two: Creation of the Coding and Layout

We’ll go ahead and code your design into a fully functioning site at this point. Don’t worry, we’ll build it on a temporary server so that you experience no downtime and nobody can see your site while we’re creating. In this stage we’ll come up with a suggested layout, page templates, plugins, etc and then once again, we’ll go back and forth with you until you say, “You’re rocking my socks off.”

Stage Three: Final Touches and Tutorial

We’ll now move the completed site onto your server and then show you everything we did. We’ll teach you how to use your Content Management System, show you the ins and outs of anything special we did for you and you’ll be ready to load up your content, add pictures, pages, video or whatever you want to.

Incidently, stage three never really ends…

we’ll actually give you FREE support for life on using anything we have designed for you. That’s right…if you get stuck on where to enter your text, can’t quite get that Video to embed correctly, or just forget how to sign into the site, we’ll be there to help.

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